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RINKAL SHUKLA Founder & Director – Kandor Leadership & Public Speaking

Rinkal Shukla is a well-known corporate trainer and motivational speaker – with the experience of training more than 4000 professionals. Rinkal has worked with numerous companies, corporates, institutes, NGOs and entrepreneurs from a huge range of industrial sectors such as Real Estate, Banking & Financial Services, FMCG, Manufacturing, Pharma, IT and Entertainment & Media. Through her talks, videos, seminars, conferences and training programs, Rinkal has been guiding professionals in investment & finance, leadership, public speaking, and self-development, since last 7 years.

Numerous celebrities and prominent personalities such as Mridula Oberoi, Kurush Deboo, Yatin Oza, etc. has worked closely with Rinkal Shukla, for Kandor’s public speaking and leadership development programs. Also, Rinkal has worked for organizations such as Yuva Unstoppable, IndiaNIC, Space Management, Ganesh Housing, Sewa Bank, Space Management, etc.

  I’m glad Rinkal is working on such a beautiful cause. Working for such platforms, getting collaborated with such platforms, is something wonderful. I’m glad to be a part of this.  

- Mridula Oberoi - Actor & Model
Gain Confidence. Become Bold. Have Faith.

Leadership Comeback

Wise people know – when to hold on and when to let go. Many people have transformed difficult situations into opportunities and achieved victory. It is definitely possible to turn around the situation – from failure to victory. Many leaders have come back from the difficult situations. Prayers and faith are the first step towards LEADERSHIP COMEBACK.

LEADERSHIP COMEBACK is a specialized program designed by Rinkal Shukla, to help people gain confidence, become bold and transform a challenge into an opportunity. Whenever something unexpected happens – economic recession, political wars, disease pandemic, tech disruption, etc. – the onus is on leaders to learn, recalibrate the strategy and stage a comeback.


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