Personal Development

Manage personal development goals & cultivate behavioral habits

Kandor’s Personal Development Programs helps people manage how others perceive or misperceive them, to an extent. Personal development is something that people must choose to do for themselves. Once people are clear about their personal development goals, they can find the right tools and cultivate behavioral habits to put the personal development strategy into action.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Steps that gets an individual started with creation of own plan of action and execution of personal development strategy.
  • Learning Attitude: Ability to identify potential roadblocks, be prepared to face them through learning and get a competitive advantage over others.
  • Tips for cultivating positive habits for achieving the personal development goals.
  • Lessons on how to become the go-to person within the team, to stand out in the crowd and be ready to engage.

Team Building

Boost cooperation within & amongst teams to improve productivity

Kandor offers you Team Building Programs which are probably one of the most important investments for any organization. Team Building is a continuous process. It helps in building trust, mitigating conflicts, boosting communication, and increasing collaboration. Effective team building requires employee engagement activities, development of distinct work culture and streamlining all the processes.

Learning outcomes:
  • Tips for boosting communication among the teams and creating a homogenous workforce.
  • Ideas for strengthening the management - employee professional relationships.
  • Ways to create and preserve a distinctive work culture within an organization.
  • Techniques to create a positive environment by identifying barriers to positive morale and implementing strategies to infuse more fun and positivity in everyday activities.
  • Lessons to improve the level of respect for coworkers and also for the company and its leadership.

Leadership Development

Cultivate a generation of strong leaders within an organization

Kandor offers a totally customized leadership development training program, as per the demands of any organization. An able leadership can steer the organization through difficult times and help the teams march towards success. Leadership Development Program helps an organization transform the way they interact & work with each other and give a new direction to the teams.

Learning outcomes:
  • Contextualization Skills: Ability to make sure that the learning process aligns perfectly with the strategy & culture of teams and organizations.
  • Personalization Skills: Ability to create distinct space for everyone involved in learning process, as per their own history, concerns, and aspirations.
  • Leadership Skills: Ability to strike a balance between contextualization and personalization, to lead the teams and organization to the right direction.
  • Ways to establish a set of clear and well-defined leadership competencies, within an organization.
  • Proven innovative ideas to ensure that leadership talent is fast-tracked within an organization.
  • Analytical Skills: Ability to create a process for measuring overall performance and growth of an organization.

Time Management

Organize your schedule and prioritize your tasks as per their value

As per a research, approx. 50% of working time usually gets wasted on low value activities, rather than complicated and necessary ones. Kandor’s Time Management Program helps people learn a skill that is critical for personal and professional life both. One can learn how to prioritize goals, build a realistic schedule based on key priorities, and adopt new time management habits to sustain the productivity.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Ways to overcome the habit of procrastination with effective time management techniques.
  • Build Your Productivity Skills to Get More Done: Most people don’t know how to improve productivity - both at work and at home.
  • Motivational techniques enlisted by various global scholars, in their books on time management.
  • Understanding of ‘what is time management’ and the benefits of doing it effectively.
  • Tips on how to prioritize goals, create a realistic schedule based on key priorities.
  • Analyze the current activities, adopt new time management habits, and improve time management while working in teams.

Public Speaking

Improve communication, presentation and public speech techniques

In today’s globalized world, public speaking has become a vital quality for growth in personal as well as professional life. As per the research, nearly 50% adults feel the fear or public speaking more than death. Kandor’s Public Speaking Program is designed to infuse confidence and create a positive impression through 3 major aspects - communication skills, presentation skills, and public speech skills.


There’s a big difference between talking and communicating. Your voice is the most important tool and Kandor’s Public Speaking Program helps you get total command over your verbal communication.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Tips & tricks to speak more calmly and effectively in one-to-one and public communication, with more power and impact.
  • Techniques of voice exercises to make muscles and vocal cords stronger and consistent over time.
  • Ways to master the speech using the silences between points and pause while doing presentations & communication.

Presentations make or break the deals. Kandor’s Public Speaking Program helps you improve presentation skills and be able to engage, entertain, inform, and inspire your audience to take action.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Ways to capture the attention of your audience with powerful presentation skills
  • Effective presentation techniques which create a positive impression
  • Tips to build and narrate a compelling story, with regards to presentation
  • Ideas to improve body language and managing personality
Public Speech

One speech can be a major turning point in your life and someone else’s life as well. Our feelings and actions get transformed from then on. Kandor’s Public Speaking Program helps you master the art of expressing yourself.

Learning outcomes:
  • Techniques of starting a speech, ending a speech, and engaging the audience with objective.
  • Tips and tricks related to body language, gestures, eye contact and vocal articulation.
  • Effective ways of preparing for public speaking and boosting confidence.
  • Ways to assess your current strengths and overcome anxiety & nervousness on the stage.
  • Unique techniques and methods to create your own personal style.
  • Understanding of own non-verbal signals and ways to interpret those of the audience.
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