Top 10 Morning Routine to Lead Your Life

Top 10 Morning Routine to Lead Your Life

The title might sound absurd; what has success got to do with the morning routines? To some extent, feeling absurd can be justified. It is because most of us have been programmed or brainwashed to ignore the importance of the morning hours and eventually rush to the workplace. 

No one is to blame because recent generations have ignored the gravity of properly using morning hours. In addition, the modern, pacy life has more or less ruined the chances of dedicating morning time to regularise daily routine. 

But to lead a successful life, every action, focus, and every inch of activity should encourage you to be productive. 

Today, almost every industry, including home-based businesses, wear a professional identity; hence, it’s essential to make the most of your mornings and do everything you can to encourage a productive and successful day. But, did you know, your morning routine sets the tone for the next twenty-four hours. So, instead of snoozing your alarm, wake up immediately, give yourself five-ten minutes to get ready, and push yourself out of the door, follow a morning routine and lead yourself toward a successful day and successful life. Here are the top ten morning routines.

Controlling sleep: First and foremost, your morning routine starts the night before it. Getting enough sleep boosts your energy in the morning and prepares you for the next day. An adult’s recommended hours of sleep are between 7 and 9 hours, depending on your age. So make sure you get enough sleep before your alarm goes on. It is not the length of your sleep that’s important, but the quality. Having a regular sleeping pattern is the best way to improve it.

Resisting the phone: Once you wake up and turn off your alarm, what do you do next? Grab your mobile phone and start flicking through the messages, emails, and social media updates. Try and break this, as one wrong message instantly spins your morning into negativity. Try and prioritise everything else in your routine, and then check your phone. By doing so, you would have already showered, stretched, and had a healthy breakfast, which means you are in a better position to tackle messages and other updates on your phone.

Taking decisions the previous night: Each night, the temptation to keep adding onto the pile of things to decide can be tempting; however, deciding before going to work can start your day off with a wrong focus. So, make a clear to-do list the previous night, and put efforts to put things off the list before you go to sleep. It can be anything, like choosing your dress shirt for the next day or preparing your lunch and doing as much as possible the night before, and writing a small to-do list for the following day helps have a hassle-free start to your day.

Exercising: You do not have to go to the gym after waking up, but simply do some at-home exercises, or go for a ten-minute morning walk or jogging in the park. Most people believe in the added benefits of exercising in the morning compared to the evening workouts. In addition, morning exercises improve your productivity and mood. Plus, it helps encourage self-discipline, builds self-motivation and routine, as well as increases your metabolism.

Eat a good, heavy breakfast: Skipping breakfast just to beat the rush hour will be fatal for today and the future. Instead, eat a good, rich, and nutritious breakfast to give you the energy boost to help you have a productive morning. It is necessary to fuel your body when you wake up. So try and resist fried food, opt for a healthier breakfast. Oatmeal, eggs, green salad, and fresh fruits are great choices. They will kick-start your metabolism and provide you with the proper nutrition you need.

Meditating: Meditating will help clear your mind and prepare it for the day. In addition, meditating helps reduce anxiety and overthinking. Try dedicating a minimum of five minutes each morning. Combining it with some simple morning stretches adds value to this time. You may do some stretching exercises from your bed, including knee-to-chest and spinal twist stretches. Stretching in the morning resets your body for the day, and it improves circulation, flexibility and helps reduce stress and tension.

Self-affirmation: Speaking or saying optimistically about others is relatively easy, but saying positive affirmations about self is a bit difficult. It is because no one is around. But, yes, you need to do it for your success. So say positive self-affirmations a bit loudly or write them on the walls. They help build confidence, beat negativity, and enhance your relationships with yourself and others. 

Write down your morning thoughts: The first thoughts that come to your mind will be positive, creative, and nurturing. So, develop a habit of writing down the ideas that come to your mind. If you can’t do it instantly, store them in your mind. Write them down later. And yes, don’t filter your thoughts, some ideas may be helpful for that particular day, or some may be useful in the next week, or maybe after a couple of months. Doing this activity helps you draft your ideas and create a plan for the days to come.   

Be with your family: One of the most vital elements for your success is your family. If you do not spend quality time with your family, your success is of almost negligible value. You might wonder, we are talking about the morning routine and how it is possible to spend time with family in the morning. You are correct, but being with your family adds value to relationships, generates positive vibes, and promotes love, be it any time of the day. So, add being with the family in your morning routine. 

Toughest task first: Most successful people first combat their toughest and least favourite jobs of the day. So, add this trait to your life. Attempting this may make you dread your mornings even more, but rest assured, it will be rewarding in the long run. You will procrastinate less throughout the day, and your day will be doubly enjoyable since you have finished the most challenging part.

Developing a morning routine takes time and needs devotion. If you are not a morning person, do not worry; select a couple of practices that motivate you, complete them daily, and then gradually, you can add tasks to the list. Your progress will encourage you and clear your way to a successful life. 


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