5 Traits Of People Who Are Highly Determined.
August 30, 2021

5 Traits Of People Who Are Highly Determined.

The final lap of your success reaps to life when you sow the first step of determination around you, within you, not limited to a particular assignment at work or task at home, but to your presence and anything that involves you. 

The standard, basic definition of ‘determination’ — the act or an instance of making a decision, but do you think your success or self-motivation to achieve your dreams is bound by this definition. No! It isn’t, right? 

Undoubtedly, decision-making plays a crucial role in your pursuit of success. Decision-making is a good characteristic, but any decision without reason and conviction is equal to indecisiveness. Hence, conviction is imperative for the decisions to reach realisation. Unfortunately, people applying the two elements in their lifestyle are usually considered stubborn or obsessed because of their constant efforts to achieve their decisions. 

If you are the one who believes in self and the purpose of your convictions, it is good to avoid people who doubt and assume your actions in your life. Remember, being determined means making up your mind to get things done while focusing on motivation and dedication. 

Further, it takes a lot of courage not to stray from your decisions. With the conclusions of others, external influences, and personal insecurities, it is easy to give up and pursue something else. But for a determined person like you who is fully aware, letting go of dreams or goals can cripple passion, self-esteem and affect mental & physical health. 

Your physical appearance cannot reveal your determined mind, and that differentiates you from others. Here are FIVE traits that show you are determined. 

1) Persistent, consistent: The superior quality that separates from others is continuous efforts and maintaining consistency. You practice going through challenges without giving up. It helps build determination since it teaches you to endure hardship. When you pick a goal, you face difficulties, so to reach your goal, you grab these unpleasant situations and find the way out successfully. Hence, persistence and consistency go hand-in-hand with determination because they force you to face your challenges and keep working despite distractions. 

2) Dream big: You never settle for ordinary results for any assignment, whether at work or home. The underlying force of your determination is ruled by thinking big, dreaming big. It keeps you involved and interested in your goals because you are at the best of your vision. You are naturally determined because you constantly think of ways to reach your goal. As a result, you seldom struggle to stay on track; you dream big, and your interests keep you motivated to reach your goals.

3) Confident, decisive: Your unmatched confidence levels disallow doubts or assumptions to enter your mind. You are fully aware of your capabilities and limitations; this helps assess new team members, strangers, or a new work environment. Your decision-making skills match your confidence, which enables you to evaluate situations and decide appropriate action without losing focus on your goals. 

4) Unafraid of failures: You failed initially and fail even today, but you are unafraid of failures, and you ensure to reach success by revisiting your strategy, making necessary changes, and start working on your objectives. Your resilience helps you make comebacks. You continue trying new things and often change your approach to achieve the desired results. You are like a palm tree; you will bend with the wind and always come back again.

5) Patient not impulsive: You are the epitome of patience, and you set an example at work and in society. You are always willing to wait for the right opportunity. The trait of impulsiveness rarely creeps into your mind because you think before acting and avoid rash decisions. 

It is difficult to reveal all the qualities of your determined self in an article of few words. However, the above FIVE traits highlight the depth of your composed, controlled, collected personality. The quote of Ella Wheeler Wilcox succinctly describes you – There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.


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