7 Behaviours Which Affect Your Leadership
September 27, 2021

7 Behaviours Which Affect Your Leadership


Is there any magic formula behind success and becoming a leader? Sorry, there’s none. No success formula can lead you to leadership. Yet, you will find common leadership qualities among the best leaders across the world. 

Leadership is not easy. Each new day brings a new set of challenges and obstacles. However, a significant chunk of success comes from persistent efforts in the face of setbacks and adversities. Highly successful leaders are constantly barraged with problems, issues, complications, and crises. Still, they have that uncommon, extraordinary ability to recalibrate and bounce back when things do not go as planned. The choices they make while tackling challenges defines them as a great leader. 

Yes, we all know it. Leadership comes with a set of rewards and benefits that reflect both — leadership values and the commitment & character of the people you are leading. 

Besides common leadership qualities that successful people share, there are a few factors successful people avoid doing. Hence, it is wise to recognise factors that can hurt your leadership. By avoiding them, you will be on your way to turning into a better leader and achieve success at a faster pace. Here are seven key issues that affect your leadership qualities. 

Leading Others Than Yourself: The first step toward inspiring leadership for you is to lead yourself first. As a successful leader, you should know what motivates you, what you love, and your strengths and weaknesses. Your communication skills, motivation abilities, discipline are vital traits for you when leading others. 

I Know Everything: Going by the old saying, ‘You are clever, but there’s someone cleverer.’ In your workplace, your team may have competent and knowledgeable members; avoid the mistake of undervaluing them. Instead, develop a habit of asking questions and soliciting advice. As a leader, being a team player while maintaining posture will promote trust and loyalty. Shunning the attitude of I know everything will take your leadership to newer heights. 

Neglect Learning: Whether you have just begun your career or are in the middle of your professional life, you should constantly upgrade your leadership skills. Neglecting to learn will hamper your growth and prospects of leading others. As generations evolve, you need to know and adapt skills that help you to lead, manage, and inspire the new generation. Seek a mentor, and explore your full potential. With a mentor beside you, you will grow faster. 

Mental and Physical Health: As a leader, great efforts are expected from you. So, if you are exhausted, either mentally or physically, you won’t be able to deliver your best. Disregarding mental and physical well-being will badly affect your performance. Hence, prioritising to recharge by setting up a routine will help you keep healthy. 

Not Focusing on Business and Work: A successful leader and the team knows they can thrive only when they are invested in something greater than themselves. First, of course, they want the business to succeed and reap profits; they see the entire process as part of a larger goal that adds value and solves problems. Although self-care and being grateful are vital for your business, you guarantee to lose your respect as a leader if you direct more attention toward insignificant activities. 

Absence Of Gratitude And Support: Gratitude and Support, an integral part of a leader’s success journey. The tricky factor, they both go hand-in-hand. Both are required, no matter who you connect, communicate or lead. If you wish to gain prominence as a leader, you cannot disregard expressing gratitude and giving support to everyone. Remember, your progress solely depends on the success of others. Be generous. Be an icon of inspiration for your team. 

Expecting Perfection From Others: A successful leader cultivates positivity and optimism. The leader has high standards, does the work, learns, and grows. In business, the leader follows a simple formula — launch, tweak, improve. So, as a leader, you should improve as you grow in the company, listen, and stay connected with your customers & your team. No one is perfect, and if you expect it from others, you are sure to lose credibility as a leader. It is wise to realize, you are not perfect, and you are ready to learn from mistakes and setbacks.

There can be one, two, or more issues that can mutilate a leader’s hard-earned esteem, aside from those mentioned above. For example, holding onto anger, grudge, lying, cheating, or gossiping. So, for rewarding, acknowledged, and commanding leadership, you should analyze what all can ruin your leadership. Then, be self-motivated and conquer all that can deplete you.


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