8 Myths About Personality Development

8 Myths About Personality Development

As a human, you would believe anything presented as a story, and depending on the storyteller’s skills, you might create your opinions about the topic. Which, of course, may be accurate or completely false. These inaccurate or fantasized opinions are known as myths. 

The acceptance without knowing the truth transforms into a tradition. We know myths have lived since human existence and are attached to almost everything we know. The very act of developing personal self isn’t spared. Personal Development is shrouded with a lot of myths. Before we know the tricks to bust the myths, let’s briefly understand what personal development is. 

Personal development is an ongoing process of assessing life goals, values, building skills, and qualities to reach true potential. It contributes to maturity, success, and satisfaction. People enhance their abilities and strength throughout their lives to better themselves and achieve their goals. They do this through education, learning from a mentor, motivation, and self-help.

With so much to do among so many people, developing your personality is a bit difficult. It is because modern culture has created a fad around personal development. And the craze is powerful enough to force us to accept the precepts without analyzing. Nevertheless, there are ways to bust the myths. Here are a few techniques that help arrest myths about personal development. 

Myth 1: Personal Development = Positive Thinking. 

Positive thinking is just a component of the entire personal development process. For some people, it is a much-needed element in their lives. Drop the misconception from your mind.

Myth 2: It is not for everybody.

The path of personal development is for everyone. It is not a skill, activity, or attitude that can be interpreted for every individual because all are different. Yet, the desire for progress is hidden in the subconscious mind.

Myth 3: Reading makes you successful.

Undoubtedly, reading is an integral part of personal development and an excellent tool to acquire knowledge. Reading does not make you successful, Right Reading makes you successful. Yet, most people hate reading; it’s because they aren’t trained to read. However, it doesn’t mean personal development is possible only through reading. You can choose audio or video content. 

Myth 4: Sharing goals will stop your success. 

Some people love sharing their goals to improve their performance and boost self-motivation, while some do not. Sharing goals doesn’t affect your personal development. It depends how an individual feels while sharing their goals. Also, Share your Goals with right people. 

Myth 5: You will get it if you want it badly. 

Fantasizing about personal development can lead to total disappointment. Your desire should create action, and action leads to achievement. Action makes it possible.

Myth 6: Once superficial, always superficial.

Conditions or situations do not last forever. Bust this myth by avoiding people who tell you; you can never change. Instead, you can develop your personality.  

Myth 7: It takes 21 days to form a habit.

Partially true, but a habit becomes a part of your subconscious mind if the activity is performed beyond 21 days. With continued efforts, the practice becomes a part of you. 21 days are just a first step, consistency for a longer duration has an impact. 

Myth 8: I do not need anyone to succeed.

Not needing any help in your journey is wishful thinking amplified into a myth. It helps to have someone or a mentor in your journey toward personal development followed by success. Then, all you need is to accept responsibilities for your self-development.

Personal Development is vital in your life. Consider the above myths before spending your time and resources on materials or programs that may or may not help you. Personal development is a process that needs time, and changes that you implement today may take a couple of years to show in your personality. So, have patience and enjoy the journey.


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