Why Do People Invest in Self-Growth?
May 5, 2021

Why Do People Invest in Self-Growth?

What rushes through your mind when you hear or read the word ‘invest’? Thoughts or images about investments in property, stocks, mutual funds, or finances would crowd your mind. Of course, it is natural. None – nor the word, nor you are at fault. It is just that the term has been strongly associated with the financial world. 

Although, investing in financial instruments is essential to fulfilling your monetary goals. You dedicate your time, efforts, and money toward financial achievements. On the other hand, you invest in people, relations. But, not just you, most of us miss out on investing in self-growth while persevering to achieve financial objectives. 

Well, is investing in self-growth important? The answer to the question is YES. You might wonder, investing in self-growth is often not budgeted or prioritised. However, the fact is, investing in your self-growth pays rich dividends; you meet the best version of yourself. It opens doors to realising your dreams, fulfils personal goals, evokes positive energy, and begins your journey for the future. 

Here are a few reasons explaining why you should invest in your self-growth.

Confidence: The prime element that restricts self-improvement is your lack of confidence. Lack of self-confidence ruins the prospects of personal and professional success. Further, comparing yourself with others and their achievements with yours deprives you of striking growth-oriented conversations. Comparing doesn’t help to boost your confidence. It triggers an inferiority complex. So, it is vital to building your confidence in your journey of self-growth. Interact with people, make friends, and it is good to learn a thing or two from them. 

Influencers: Engaging and interacting with others is the first step to enhancing self-confidence, but it is critical to know who you associate or interact with. Keep a check on who influences you, your personality, and the way you handle matters. Keep negative influencers away, instead associate with people who believe in you, challenge you and encourage you as well. Average influencers/associates will always be satisfied with your current you; hence, for self-growth, look for people who want to see you grow. 

Keep Learning: Investing in yourself is a great way to work on your self-growth, enhance self-worth by acquiring knowledge. Read or listen to an audiobook once a week. Books are the best resource for learning, gaining knowledge, and increase expertise in your work area. Whenever possible, attend seminars or workshops to expand your knowledge and skills. They are an invaluable opportunity to network with like-minded people. Learning is an investment in your self-growth, discipline, awareness, and creating your identity.

Mind Your Health: You know it – Health is Wealth. It is a fact; you are extra productive, alert, responsive when you are rested, eating healthy food, and working on your health and fitness. But how often do you review your health? Check whether your daily routine, including your food and exercise regime, affects your mental and physical abilities. If so, hire a health coach. The health coach will help you with what foods you should eat and which workouts will assist in keeping you fit mentally and physically. 

Focus: Aside from developing confidence, checking influencers, learning, and minding your health, maintaining focus is vital while working on self-growth. Here ‘focus’ is a broader term, including health, work, skills, organising yourself, expressing gratitude, and being clear about your goals. Concentrating on multiple elements may seem difficult initially. Still, as you start investing your time and efforts, the path will be more open for you to advance in your goals and objectives. 

Remember, investing in self-growth is an ongoing process, and it starts by working on even the most minor thing. And as you progress, you will witness changes in yourself. Be positive, start today, and you will enrich yourself with new skills that will enhance your ability to achieve goals while overcoming self-doubts an

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